Imagery Acquisition
Keystone operates with a fleet of over 20 survey aircraft, equipped with flight management systems, stabilized mounts, GPS, with film, digital, lidar and magnetometer sensor capabilities.

LiDAR Acquisition
With its Optech Galaxy sensor, Keystone is able to plan for high and low altitude collections and generate extremely dense datasets. We are able to use our knowledge to match the appropriate sensor to generate accurate and detailed elevation data for our clients.

UAS Acquisition
Keystone has taken the lead in advancing UAS for survey, mapping and inspections under FAA Part 107 rules. With a Nighttime Flying Waiver, Airspace Authorizations, flexible equipment and skilled pilots, Keystone is prepared for any application!

Airborne Platform
Keystone's many aircraft, excellent pilots and operators along with our experienced maintenance and technical teams provide a flexible and stable platform for any sensor or sensor package.

3D Products
Colorized point clouds are an excellent tool for creating DSMs, 3D and Mesh products or visualization and measurement. Keystone’s products are generated from manned or unmanned systems using a variety of software and techniques to build stunningly dense clouds.

Historical Imagery
Through our imagery resale site, KASView, we also offer historical imagery of southern California and an extensive library of digital and film stereo imagery across the US.