Keystone uses proven commercial sensors to satisfy our client's data collection needs. Our in-house electronics and fabrication shop enables us to install different types of sensors and supporting equipment into our various aircraft. From creating mounts and brackets to managing custom wiring and electrical power requirements, Keystone has the tools and personnel to create an efficient and functional airborne platform for any mission specification.

UltraCam Eagle (UCE)

Keystone was the first company in the United States to take delivery of the Ultracam Eagle. UCE features an ultra large image size of 260 megapixel (20,010 x 13,080 pixels) and has a pixel size of 5.2 microns. The larger image size allows Keystone to acquire the same GSD at higher altitudes providing coverage with fewer flight lines thus reducing overall project cost. With the 80mm lens installed, the UCE has a base to height ratio of 0.34, making it the best digital camera on the market for mapping applications. UCE is lightweight, allowing flight crews to carry more fuel and extend acquisition time over the project to take advantage of optimal flight conditions. Data storage is on solid-state hard drives allowing for increased reliability and extremely fast data transfer rates up to 3.7 gigabits per second allow for fast recovery times between images. UltraCam Eagle specifications.

UltraCam Falcon Prime (UCFp)

Keystone now owns three Ultracam Falcon Primes. The UCFp features a large image size of 195 megapixel (17,310 x 11,310 pixels) and has a pixel size of 6 microns. Data storage is on solid-state hard drives allowing for increased reliability and extremely fast data transfer rates up to 3.7 gigabits per second allow for fast recovery times between images. UltraCam Falcon Prime specifications.

UltraCam X (UCX)

The large 136 megapixel image size (14,430 x 9,420 pixels) combined with small pixel size of 7.2 microns and high geometric accuracy of about 2 microns makes the UCX ideally suited for efficient collection of high-resolution imagery for mapping applications. Three UCX systems give Keystone system redundancy and the ability to rapidly acquire large projects by simultaneously deploying multiple UCX systems. Removable data storage units can be exchanged in flight when they are at maximum capacity and are pressure sealed for high altitude operations in unpressurized cabins. UltraCam X specifications

Optech Galaxy Lidar

With it's new Optech Galaxy, Keystone can perform LiDAR aquisition more reliably and more efficiently.

The Galaxy's dynamic features such SwathTrak and PulseTrak enable maximum collection efficiencies in various terrain settings. SwathTrak will open or close the sensors field of view to ensure a uniform swath is collected when comparing mountain peak areas to valleys. PulseTrak increases or decrease the pulses in air to minimize transition zones and allow for higher prfs at higher altitudes. Click here for more details.

Galaxy Specifications:
  • Operating Altitudes: 150-4700m AGL
  • Effective PRF:    550kHz
  • Range Capture:         Up to 8 returns per pulse
  • Intensity Capture:     12-bit dynamic range

Optech Gemini Lidar

Keystone also operates an Optech Gemini LiDAR Systems, an accurate .

The Optech Gemini excels at both high and low altitude scanning. It provides Keystone the ability to operate in both large scale block jobs as well as small corridors. With the additions of both multipulse technology and the ability to collect high density areas, Keystone is able to tailor jobs to any client specifications. For more information on the Gemini Sensor, see the Optech Brochure

Gemini Specifications:
  • Operational Altitude: 150-4000m AGL
  • Vertical Accuracy:    5-30cm
  • Range Capture:         4 returns (1st, 2nd, 3rd and last)
  • Intensity Capture:     12-bit dynamic range

Film Cameras

Keystone operates eight Leica RC30 Aerial Camera Systems with Forward Motion Compensation comprised of:

  • Forward looking NSF3-EM Viewfinder and Navigation Sight
  • PW30 Drive unit incorporating FMC, External Data Interface (EDI), and PEM-F automatic exposure control
  • Pair of PKA4 film cassettes
  • PAV30, Gyro-stabilized camera mount
  • 15/4 UAG-S Lens Cone, f = 153 mm (6in) with 8 fiducial marks, standard 420nm Clear filter and 525nm Dark yellow haze filter

In addition to RC30 camera systems, Keystone operates two Leica RC20 camera systems, two Leica RC10 camera systems, and one Zeiss RMK A 21/23 camera system. One RC10 operates with an 8.25-inch lens cone as does the Zeiss RMK A. Keystone also operates one 12 inch lens cone which can be used with an RC30 camera system when required.