Successful airborne collection of data is only one step in Keystone’s production workflow. A significant amount of effort is applied after collection to verify the quality of data, compile associated information, and implement the necessary production methods in order to generate end-products according to cleint specifications. Keystone has assembled a suite of software tools, both off-the-shelf and custom-developed, that allow us to execute and manage every stage of production workflow. Operating the software is a staff of trained and experienced professionals who work diligently with each other and with customers to ensure a high-quality deliverable.

A few of the software tools we use for post-flight production include:

  • Applanix POSPAC MMS for post-processing of airborne GPS/IMU, GPS ground station and CORS data; bore sight calibration of sensor installations
  • Microsoft UltraMap V3 for UltraCam image processing from Level 0 through Level 3, with options for radiometric adjustments, file format, image bit-depth, and spectral band selection.
  • ManageIT, a Keystone-developed comprehensive database, and user interface tool that includes workflow management, digital image quality control, and client job tracking functionality
  • Inpho Digital Photogrammetric System for production of ortho-photos and mosaics of UltraCam imagery, block area color balancing, and DTM editing
  • Adobe Photoshop Image Editing Software for color balancing and enhancement of images prior to custom printing
  • Global Mapper Software for data format and projection conversion
  • ESRI ArcGIS ArcView for derivative product compilation and custom GIS application development
  • Pix4D for UAS and small format imagery product creation
  • Correlator 3D from SimActive for ortho, DSM and DEM from UAS and manned aircraft