It Department Photo
Keystone’s operational success has always benefited from an internal IT capability. Highly customized software tools, databases, networks, and workflows allow our flight crews and post-production team to operate efficiently while minimizing mistakes. In recent years, our IT department has grown significantly to allow us to handle the increasing demands of an all-digital workflow. Many of the upgrades specifically address the data storage and processing requirements of operating three large-format digital sensors. In addition to hardware and software, Keystone has invested in people- bringing in experienced developers to help design more powerful tools for production, as well as create new web and desktop software applications that allow customers to get more out of our products.

Today, Keystone’s capabilities are enhanced and made more efficient through the implementation of:
  • Automated tape library with over 1 petabyte of offline storage media for backup and archive of digital data
  • Over 800 terabytes of online disk storage capacity for processing and quality control
  • More than 100 cores available for distributed processing of digital data
  • Fiber Optic and 10-Gigabit Ethernet network with smart switching for rapid data transfer during processing
  • SQL Server database for project management
  • Microsoft .NET environment for custom software development