Keystone currently operates over 20 aircraft that have been modified and equipped specifically for airborne survey operations.

All Keystone aircraft have airframes that are modified to accomodate the optical requirements of most sensors. Standard installed equipment includes precisely surveyed GPS antennas capable of receiving highly accurate positional signals for use in the acquisition of airborne data. Additionally, each aircraft is equipped with a flight management system, which provides precision navigation guidance to flight crews during data collection, as well as functionality for project management and data logging.

Sensor platforms are supplemented with a combination of additional equipment including stabilized mounts, dual frequency GPS receivers, and inertial measurement units. Keystone currently operates Leica, GSM and TrackAir mounts, Novatel and Trimble Airborne GPS units, and Applanix GPS/IMU logging systems.

Keystone has its own maintenance facility located at its headquarters in Philadelphia. Full-time mechanics keep aircraft maintained and ready for each mission, helping to ensure the safety and efficiency of every collection. When aircraft are deployed on projects, routine and unscheduled maintenance is coordinated with local mechanics to minimize downtime.

While Keystone's main base of operations is located in Philadelphia, PA, aircraft are routinely deployed on projects across the U.S. and North America. Reno, NV, Los Angeles, CA and Tyler, TX serve as remote bases of operation for regional operations, however flight crews are highly experienced at establishing temporary bases of operation wherever a project requires. This allows Keystone to offer consistent, dependable service anywhere.