Our aeromagnetic survey experience dates back to 1944 when Aero Service performed geophysical experiments for the USGS. using the soon to be declassified ASQ-8 submarine dector. In the following years, these former Aero Service personnel continued their involvement in aeromagnetics as techniques and equipment evolved. Today, at Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. these traditions continued with the enhancement of current technologies including the latest in sensor technology and Differential GPS navigation systems. Since 1963 Airmag Surveys, and then Keystone Aerial Surveys, worked hard to build a reputation for quality and reliability in acquiring aeromagnetic data for the geophysical community. Do to the changing technology and needs of the community, Airmag/Keystone no longer collects magnetic data. On December 31, 2016, Airmag Surveys was merged into Keystone Aerial Surveys and dissolved. All of Airmag archive datasets and contracts have moved to Keystone’s possession and are available for resale.

The archive datasets Keystone has available were primarily conducted with Cesium vapor magnetometers which provide high resolution data. The goal was to accurately measure, record and position airborne data in as pure a form as possible. It is our belief that data should be recorded in it's raw, unmodified format, without bias or interference. To accomplish this task, the aircraft were meticulously striped down and rebuild. Modifications were performed to magnetically cleanse the aircraft before they are placed into service for geophysical surveys.

These archives also pre date many modern noise that has built up in these areas, providing a good “snapshot” of the magnetic signature before infrastructure proliferation.

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